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Cover Most German children's classics have been published by Thienemann-Esslinger Verlag GmbH. It is one of the oldest publishers of books for this age bracket in Germany. Today, it belongs to the Swedish Media Group Bonnier; other German book publishers belonging to the holding are Carlsen, Piper, Ullstein and Ars Edition.

Thienemann publishes mainly fiction for all ages between 2 and 16, from high-quality board and picture books to novels for young adults. At present some 900 titles are available.

The Thienemann programme includes many books that have been classics for whole generations, both in Germany and in other countries. Michael Ende found world fame with his "Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver", "Momo" and "The Neverending Story", as did likewise Otfried Preußler with his international bestsellers "The Little Witch", "The Little Ghost", "The Robber Hotzenplotz" and "Krabat".

Cover Joachim Friedrich, as the author of the "4 ½ Friends" series, of which more than 1.8 million copies have been sold, has since the 1990s been one of the most successful German writers of books for the age bracket 10 and older. The series has been translated into 21 languages and is being filmed.

In addition to this, Thienemann is one of the most active German picture book publishers. Daniel Napp with his picture-book character "Dr. Brumm" and Daniela Kulot with her internationally acclaimed "Crocodile and Giraffe"-series are publishing exclusively at Thienemann's.

The Imprint Planet Girl focuses on a girl's demand. The books are pitched at girls from age 8 on to young adults.

CoverThe "Cheeky Girls – Cheeky Books" series for girls age 11/ 13 can look back on a success that is still unbroken. It is regarded as the best selling series of books in German for girls. 11 million copies of the fast-paced and witty stories focussing on big and small every-day catastrophes concerning love have been sold worldwide in 23 languages. Two cinema films "Cheeky Girls 1" and "Cheeky Girls 2" were enthusiastically received by cinema-goers. The films were based on the novels by Bianka Minte-König.

Janine Wilk is a young up-and-coming writer who is the big discovery in Planet Girl. Her debut, a fast-paced creepy novel for children age 11 and up, Lilith Parker was sold out after only a week. Her second mystery novel, The Shadow Dreamer (age 12+) has just been published and will thrill all Venice and Cornelia Funke fans.

For younger readers, we have the best-selling and heart-warming series about "The Animal Clinic" by TV author Tatjana Geßler. Four volumes have already been published, and there are to be more.

Cover Cover The Imprint Gabriel Verlag, publishes fiction and non-fiction from 2 years up to 16. They all have an ethic or religious background. The historical biography about Jesus of Nazareth, written by the awarded author Alois Prinz (German Youth Literature Award) or the innovative sex education book Does that Happen to Everybody? (age 11+) by Jan von Holleben, a well known photographer, are very sucessful!